Rae Dylan is an Interventionist, Sober Companion, and Sober Coach. She specializes in interventions for individuals as well as their families who suffer with drug and alcohol addiction. Rae works with the entertainment industry, business professionals, and young adults seeking a path of recovery.

Dylan is originally from Colorado and studied Psychology at the University of Colorado. She moved to New York City to work as an international flight attendant based out of John F. Kennedy International Airport. She was a student of The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City and a theater actor. Rae found her voice in the world when she realized her greatest gift was to work together with people who struggled with addiction, dependency, or self-destructive behavior, just as she had. She believes one can connect to what they know.

Rae works both internationally and domestically on cases that require travel, protection from the press, nutritional guidance, mental health issues, medication, and detox. She works with Doctors, Psychiatrists, and treatment centers to facilitate recovery programs based on individual needs. She believes in helping her clients conquer their fears by inspiring change, taking accountability, and maintaining healthy relationships through stable lifestyle choices. Teaching that obstacles can be overcome with the help of others.

Rae has been working in the recovery field helping people recover for 20 years. In 2010 Dylan founded her own company R Dylan LLC. She was President & CEO of her own recovery app, DTOX. She is considered one of the most highly effective drug and alcohol interventionists. Rae lives in New York City and is in long-term recovery.

Life coaching, Counseling, Intervention, Sober Coaching, and Sober Companionship